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Ceo sir Message
Mr. Ashok Kumar Acharya

Jalpa at present is operating in 4 districts of Nepal. With the authorized capital of Rs 200 million, issued capital of Rs 100 million, and paid up capital of Rs 70 million, we have envisioned to expand the banking services to rural and remote areas and attend national level objectives of MFI. We make use of modern and advanced technologies to facilitate members with mobile and tab banking through all geographical regions and constraints.


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    To uplift economic condition of youth by- optimally mobilizing local resources and making participative development process through micro finance related programs

    To involve youth in creative activities by extending all types of micro financial services.

    • To provide cost effective and efficient micro finance services.
    • To raise awareness about micro finance services.
    • To be dedicated to the members/customers and provide them with top quality services.
    • Strong human resource management to focus on competitive advantage.
    • To respond to both internal and external environments and take measurable steps to reach its organizational goals.
    An Establishment of prosperous society” by upliftment of economic and social livelihood of people in hills and mountain region through micro finance services.

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