Message from CEO

Jalpa at present is operating in 4 districts of Nepal. With the authorized capital of Rs 200 million, issued capital of Rs 100 million, and paid up capital of Rs 70 million, we have envisioned to expand the banking services to rural and remote areas and attend national level objectives of MFI. We make use of modern and advanced technologies to facilitate members with mobile and tab banking through all geographical regions and constraints.

We have made remarkable approach to modernize business and for the smooth operation with the implementation of new technologies. We have made the use of VPN technologies to interconnect branch offices with security and for convenience and to maximize output. The use of ERP (Enterprise Resources planning) software to encourage paperless activities, for accounting purposes and increase efficiency. We provide Free Services like SMS Alert Service for the right for information for our member clients. We have also introduced Tab Banking to provide additional services to member clients. Moreover, we embrace research and development with the current market trends of viable technologies and update accordingly to ensure and enhance business and facilitate member clients.